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Get Involved

Giftings. Stewards. Laborers.

3rd Wed of Every Month | 12:00 – 1:15 PM
1110 Meridian Street | Conference Room

Volunteer Orientation

Have you heard of Lincoln Village Ministry but aren’t sure what it is all about? On the 3rd Wednesday of every month at noon, Mark Stearns tells the story of Lincoln Village Ministry & what God is doing in the neighborhood. We will also share ways for you to get involved. No registration is required to attend. Volunteer paperwork will be available.

3rd Wed of Every Month | 1:30 – 2:30 PM
1110 Meridian Street | Conference Room

Discipleship Intro

Are you wanting to find a way to develop meaningful relationships with families at Lincoln? Stay after Orientation to learn more about what it looks like to be a Faith Partner who walks alongside families in our community.

Emily Fox, Volunteer Coordinator

How To Get Involved

If you are an individual who would like to volunteer at Lincoln Village, there is a place fo you! Become a mentor, work with a child, or help with construction and landscaping, let us help you. We can’t wait to have you partner with us!

Lincoln Village Ministry | Huntsville AL | Volunteer
Group Volunteers

Bring A Group

When groups come to Lincoln Village, they typically help with landscaping, painting, sorting, organizing and cleaning. Sometimes they bring love offerings, donated items and nonperishable food. If your group wants to plan a special activity for the community, we can help with that as well. Groups come for half days (9:00-12:00 or 12:00-3:00), whole days (9:00-3:00) or multiple days. Please call Emily, our volunteer Coordinator  to plan your visit: 256.701.4303

Becoming A Volunteer

Step #1 – Spiritual Gifts: If needed, the gifting survey below helps you know where you would enjoy volunteering.

Step #2 – Service Areas: We’ve listed the areas of volunteer opportunities below. Please let us know more about where you would like to get plugged in.

Step #3 – Spiritual Gifts: Complete the Registration Form. This will provide us with your contact information, as well as, the areas where you would like to serve.

Step #4 – Orientation: Join us for the Orientation Class. Here you will learn more about Lincoln and specific information on becoming a volunteer. 

Individual Registration

We are so glad you are volunteering. Please fill out the following information and our Volunteer Coordinator, Emily Fox will be contacting you shortly. If you need anything before then, please call our office at 256.701.4303.

* Please use the Notes Area to tell us anything else we should know about you or your giftings.

Sign up and our Volunteer Coordinator will be in touch with you

Group Registration

We are so glad your group is coming to Lincoln Village. Please fill out the following information and our Volunteer Coordinator, Emily Fox will be contacting you shortly. If you need anything before then, please call our office at 256.701.4303.

* Please use the Notes Area to tell us anything else about your group that would be helpful to know.

Sign up and our Volunteer Coordinator will be in touch with you

Volunteer Opportunities



Share your skills such as teaching others how to cook, create art projects, lead a Bible study, etc. We are asking that you would commit to one event per month. Giftings: A D E F G K N U V


Bringing meals is a great way to show your love in the Lincoln Community. We will contact you when we have events or special circumstances where food would be a blessing. You’ll be able to help when it’s convenient for you. Giftings: H J K I O U


Join us weekdays at 5:30 am to pray with the Staff Zone employees. This is a great way to start the day and meet people in the Lincoln Community. Giftings: D E F G I K L M O P T U


Cover the ministry by faithfully committing to praying for a specific staff member for the remaining school year. Giftings: D F G I J L P S X


Join us every Wednesday from 10:00 – 2:00 to help with special projects or administrative tasks at the Lincoln Campus. Giftings: A E G J K U


Little Linc Preschool (3 & 4 Year Olds)


Assist in the after-school program one time a week, Mon-Thur 3-5:00. Giftings: A F J K L O R U V


Assist the classroom teacher one time a week, Mon-Fri, 9:20-10:30 or 10:45-12:30. Giftings: E L M U V


Join us one time a month to share your talents with the preschoolers. Come in and teach music, art, Spanish, P.E., etc. Wed 11:30-12:00. Giftings: E J K N R U V


Join us quarterly to support special events such as helping with food, prep special materials, etc. Giftings: E G J K O U


Lincoln Academy (K – 8th Grade)


Assist in picking out books with the students one time a week. Tues. 8:45-11:00. Giftings: E G J K O U


Adult role models are important for our students. Get to know our 8th-graders by joining us twice a month for lunch, 11:30-12:00. Giftings: D E F J K L N O S X


Hang out with our middle school and high school kids (15-20 kids). Needs include setup, serving, providing food, hosting games, meet-and-greet, etc. from 5:30-7:30. Giftings: D E F G J K L O U


Learning Lab (K-8th Grades After-School Program)


Help with crafts, fitness, music, worship, STEM, foreign languages, career speakers, etc. whenever you’re available from 3-5:00, Mon – Thurs. Giftings: A C F H J N R U V


Snacks are needed every day after school and can be dropped off at your convenience between 3-5:00, Mon – Thurs. Giftings: H J K U


Help our kids with homework anytime between 3-5:00, Mon – Thurs. Giftings: D E F J K O U V X



Our community goes without dental, vision, counselling, legal, etc. due to cost and lack of insurance. We need partners in our community to offer these services on an as-needed basis. Giftings: D F H I J M O P U X


Serve alongside us in May (Luncheon) and October (Banquet) to help set up, serve, decorate, etc. for these special events. Giftings: A H J K U


Our community needs access to job opportunities with benefits. We can help connect the right skill set to the job requirements. Please contact us if you have an opening. Giftings: A D H U V X



Our homes and campus have repair needs and sometimes we have a house to renovate. If you’re interested in helping when your available please let us know. Giftings: C E G U


If you love gardening, help us beautify our campus and neighborhood. Giftings: C E G U


Get messy and make a house look brand new. Join us for our painting projects when you’re available. Giftings: C E G U


Once a month in Sept, Oct, Nov, March, April, May volunteers come together to work on special projects. Giftings: C E G U

Spiritual Giftings

We want you to be used in the areas where God has gifted you. The link below is a survey to help you to identify your strongest talents and where they would be put to good use. What are spiritual gifts?

Note: Taking the Spiritual Gifts Survey is an optional step.

Spiritual Gifts

A | Administration

B | Apostleship

C | Craftsmanship

D| Discernment

E | Evangelism

F | Exhortation

G | Faith

H | Giving

I | Healing

J | Helps

K | Hospitality

L | Intercession

M | Knowledge

N | Leadership

O | Mercy

P | Miracles

Q | Missionary

R | Music/Worship

S | Pastor/Shepherd

T | Prophecy

U | Service

V | Teaching

W | Tongues

X | Wisdom

FREE Scholarships

TAX CREDIT – Donate up to 50% off your state income tax to Lincoln Academy. In other words, you can provide a scholarship at NO cost to you!

What’s Happening in Lincoln Village

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Thank you for helping us advance God’s Kingdom here in Lincoln Village.

78 || Lincoln Village Ministry: Giving the Gift of Hope

In the spring of 2010, Huntsville, Alabama's local newspaper ran articles about the school board's decision to close Lincoln Elementary School in the city's Lincoln Mill neighborhood. Touted as a stellar example of what strong teachers, parent involvement, community support and volunteerism could accomplish in a place where poverty was the rule rather than the exception,...