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Lincoln Academy May ’20

During Holy Week, the teachers created daily videos featuring Resurrection Eggs. Each day, a teacher opened two eggs and shared the contents, as well as scripture. The objects in the eggs were all related to the Easter story. The final egg was empty, just like the tomb!

Lincoln Resident Spotlight April ’20

Jessica has lived in the Lincoln neighborhood for one year with her 11-year-old daughter. Before coming to Lincoln, she was going through a divorce, was living with her mom, and was trying to figure out how to get on her feet to take care of her daughter. She says, “I craved stability. Everything was in limbo… I was meandering through life.”
Since becoming a Lincoln resident, she says life is ten times better. “I’m not worried, stressed, or frustrated. I am no longer waiting to see if God is going to show up – He is showing up! I’m at peace.” Jessica and her daughter enjoy spending time with their neighbors and feel a deep sense of security. “For the first time,” she says, “I feel at home.”
For months, our field staff have been praying alongside Jessica to find a job with better hours, better pay, better job security, and better benefits. She is currently working 3 jobs and still has trouble making ends meet.
A few weeks ago, a ministry friend reached out with a scholarship for a cyber-security training opportunity for any interested residents. Jessica jumped at the chance, and last week she completed the training and passed her certification test! Her resume is now being circulated as she “prays, waits, and lets God do what He does.”
Will you join us in praying for this next chapter in Jessica’s life? We are incredibly proud of her and know God has big plans. When asked where she sees herself in five years, she answers, “My biggest dream is to own my own home and be in a career I love.” We can’t wait to see her realize those dreams and are honored to walk alongside her on the journey.

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