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Spring Break ’19 | Lincoln Village Ministry

Lincoln Village | Spring Break ’19

Auburn CSC (8 students/leaders)- Auburn CSC returned, some new faces, some familiar. They had a great time serving with our kids and working in the houses, as well as serving at Manna House. This group in particular had a pre-med student, a secondary education major, and a former Camp Lead counselor that all have a desire to return to Lincoln Village one day in their professional fields to join us or to find another organization that they can model after Lincoln and what the Lord is doing here.

Vanderbilt ASB (12 students)- Another great group from Vanderbilt came to spend their Spring Break with us. The group was able to spend time with much of our staff, including time with Chuck and Dan. Many great conversations were had, particularly about our different beliefs. (There were a few Christians, a few Agnostic, one Jewish, one Atheist, represented in the group.) We were able to talk with them and tell them about our faith in Jesus Christ and the hope that he brings, each sharing our unique stories.

Asbury Student Ministry (60)- A large group of students visited over two days, while participating in  their “D-Now” weekend. They did a great job cleaning, sanitizing the school, and working on the properties to get them cleaned up for the lawn mowers.

Willowbrook Life Group (17)– We had a couple of  life groups from Willowbrook here in the Village this month. They were such a blessing to us, working on houses and landscaping our properties with smiling faces!

Lincoln North

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For The Love Of Christ Compels Us

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Our mission is to share Christ with the Lincoln community.

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By supporting Lincoln, you’re making a difference in your own community.


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Every penny impacts the kingdom work. We purchase our properties outright.

Lincoln Village Ministry | Huntsville AL

Just a few miles from the most expensive houses in the inner city of Huntsville were men, women, and children surviving without the basic necessities. No running water or electricity. Plumbing didn’t work and floors were rotted from leaking pipes. Children had broken toys and went to bed hungry. A man with a heart for this inner city neighborhood stepped into the home of a little girl and her mother. That visit opened the man’s eyes and eventually a community’s eyes to the great need in their midst: the  need for Christ.

Lincoln Village Ministries is the product of one man’s call to action. The call has spread all over the city of Huntsville to pour out the hope and love of Jesus Christ into the Lincoln community.