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Little Linc

A Christian Preschool with 25 Children

The goal of Little Linc Preschool is to love children in the name of Christ and train their hearts and minds so they are prepared to serve the Lord and glorify Him with their lives.

The Little Linc began in the fall of 2014 and seeks to improve the educational outcomes of the children of Lincoln Village, as well as those in surrounding areas. Lincoln Village Ministry has invested years in building up this community and its residents. There are many programs in place to benefit the families and help the children become successful, responsible citizens. The preschool is a complementary program, extending the focus on academic excellence and Biblical teaching with a younger group of children.

Each year, God has brought tremendous growth to this program. Currently, there are two classrooms where three and four-year-old students attend school five days a week.  The newest addition is the after-school program where the fun and learning continues into the late afternoon.

It is a joy and privilege to provide young learners with a safe and Christ-centered environment. Through engaging lessons, songs, play, and Montessori-inspired tray work, the children gain valuable knowledge and experience that will provide a foundation for their future years in school.  Little Linc Preschool works with highly motivated parents and caregivers who desire to be the best advocates they can be for their child!

Lincoln Village Ministry greatly enjoys engaging with families at an earlier point and helping to connect them with the many resources available. Research shows that the benefits of attending a high-quality early education program extend to graduation and into adulthood. The impact of an excellent preschool experience is even more profound when considering children from low-income families.

After-School Care

Montessori Materials

Handwriting Without Tears

Neuhaus Language & Literacy


of preschoolers improved by 10% – 40% in math and literacy

  • beg
  • end
Average Growth Assessment

My child has come a long way. She has learned so much! Her relationship with God is amazing. She loves praying, singing, and praising God.

Lincoln Academy

A Private Christian School Serving 81 Children K-8th Grade

Lincoln Academy is a private school which seeks to provide a high quality, Christ-centered education to K-8 students who are zoned to public Title I schools. We have a devoted faculty, staff, and administration who work to help all students achieve their maximum potential. It is our commitment to provide academic content, character-building opportunities and spiritual guidance in a small, Christian environment.

We believe that:

  • All children are created in the image of God.
  • Academic excellence brings glory and honor to God.
  • The teachers and principal are positive role models for walking with the Lord, showing God’s grace.
  • Children should take part in engaging and challenging conversations about the Lord, through devotion and prayer time.
  • An environment that is loving and nurturing is conducive to growing lifelong learners and pursuers of God.
  • Students should be engaged in a way that will encourage leadership beyond the walls of the school. Lincoln Academy students will be prepared to go into the world and be agents of change and peace for the future.


by AdvancED


Our students receive scholarships based on income. The scholarships are granted from “RocketSGO” and “Scholarships for Kids” which are state scholarship granting organizations. Scholarships may only be granted on behalf of students who meet the eligibility requirements of the Accountability Act:

  • The student is a member of a household whose total annual income meets the requirements of the Accountability Act.
  • The student was eligible to attend a public school in the preceding semester or is starting school in Alabama for the first time.
  • The student resides in Alabama.


student-teacher ratio

  • Star
Star Reading Assessment
End of Year Class Avg. Grade Equivalent

I like that we learn about God and that we don’t have that many students in our classes. This school helps us to forgive others and be respectful, responsible, and resourceful. I strongly think that I have become a better person since I went to this school. I also love the teachers!!!

We learn about Jesus and we are one big family. We also get an education preparing us for our future.

Lincoln Academy Scholarships

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About Scholarships

Lincoln Academy students receive scholarships based on income. The scholarships are granted from “RocketSGO” and “Scholarships for Kids” which are state scholarship granting organizations. Scholarships may only be granted on behalf of students who meet the eligibility requirements of the Accountability Act:

  • The student is a member of a household whose total annual income meets the requirements of the Accountability Act.
  • The student was eligible to attend a public school in the preceding semester or is starting school in Alabama for the first time.
  • The student resides in Alabama.

Scholarship Qualifications

Scholarships for Lincoln Academy are available for students transferring from “failing” public schools to qualified non-public schools, and, under some circumstances, to other students that meet the income requirements. The income requirements are based on how many people are living in the home.

Income Levels:
2 People: $30,044
3 People: $37,777
4 People: $45,510
5 People: $53,243
6 People: $60,976
7 People: $68,709
8 People: $76,442
9+ People: Add $7,733

Application Steps

  1. Pick up an application at Lincoln Academy. (1110 Meridian St.)
  2. Return application and necessary documentation to the school.
  3. Attend an interview with the student that is applying for the scholarship.

*Completing the application process does not guarantee acceptance into Lincoln Academy.*


Lincoln Academy works with families to locate scholarship funds from qualified Scholarship Granting Organizations in Alabama. However, parents are required to pay a portion of tuition each month. $50 uniform shirt fee per student per year. You provide the khaki pants, shorts or skirt.


Lincoln Academy Tuition Information

The Lincoln Village Ministry Board of Directors has approved the following tuition for the school year 2018-2019.

The full tuition for the year will be $6,500 for elementary and $8,500 for middle school. The tuition payment is for daily instruction only and does not include the cost of food and meals at the school. Food and meal costs will be covered by Lincoln Village Preservation Corporation separately.

The Board of Directors has adopted a policy that requires students to make minimum monthly payments of $50 per family for 10 months ($500 a year) throughout the school year. The student’s family may complete applications for scholarships from the Scholarship Granting Organizations; however, the family must be current on the $50 per family payment prior to being awarded a scholarship. The student’s family is responsible for payment of this amount from their personal funds and no one may pay the family’s portion for them. There are no additional discounts/subsidies or mandatory fees above and beyond the $500 per family per academic school year.

As stated above, the student may apply for a scholarship from the Scholarship Granting Organization based upon filling out appropriate paperwork and determination of eligibility based on requirements of the Scholarship Granting Organization. All information must be received prior to acceptance into Lincoln Academy.

We look forward to working with you and your family to provide a quality educational experience for your student.


Lakshmi Nallamala, Executive Director

Lincoln Launch

Assists Lincoln Academy students with high school transition

The Lincoln Launch Program helps Lincoln Academy students transition from 8th grade to high school then high school to life after high school. This is achieved by requiring that all Lincoln Academy 8th graders go through high school training and prep classes during school hours. Our graduates will be assessed throughout their high school career allowing us to systematically analyze the growth and development of the graduate’s spiritual, mental, physical, and academic life. It is our hope that each Lincoln Academy graduate has a mentor to follow them through their high school years.



of Lincoln Academy Students graduate high school compared with 79.9% rate in Huntsville City Poverty Subgroup (AL Dept of ED 2016)

God used a Lincoln Launch meeting to provide an amazing opportunity for one of our student’s to receive a full scholarship to Westminster for the next four years.


High School Students


Attend Private Schools


Attend Public Schools

Learning Lab

After-School Care for 30+ Lincoln Academy Students

The Learning Lab is an after-school program at Lincoln Academy that provides a safe environment for students whose parents work schedules do not permit them to pick up their children immediately after school. The Learning Lab expands the educational opportunities for Lincoln Academy students. Lab participants will be able to magnify their horizon of learning, fuel their creative passions, and inspire one another in an environment that provides support from friends and caring adults. The Learning Lab creates an environment of exploration with access to peer friendships and knowledgeable mentors in order to achieve additional life skills and exposure to the world around us.

The Learning Lab currently serves students from Kindergarten through 8th grade. Tutors and “homework assistants” in math, reading, and English are greatly needed during our homework time. Our ultimate goal is to encourage a spirit of academic excellence and cultural awareness.






Yarn Projects



Ballet Lessons

Obstacle Courses

Sports Games





Military Mentors


Instruments Intro

Piano Lessons

Read Music

Voice Lessons



Microwave Repair




Prayer Journals

Scripture Study


 7-Week Summer Camp for 28 Lincoln Academy Students

Camp LEAD is a 7-week summer camp program for Lincoln Academy students. Staying involved with our students helps to prevent what is referred to as the summer slide.


Camp LEAD | 4-Core Principles

Leadership: Camp LEAD sets high standards for each child to develop positive Christian leadership skills in an environment that is safe, supportive, and loving so that God’s principles may be fully displayed.

Education: Camp LEAD creates an environment where fun and learning go hand in hand. Our goal is to give each child confidence to return to school with greater physical abilities, spiritual enlightenment, emotional support, and intellectual skills so that each child can celebrate their God-given talents.

Action: Camp LEAD encourages our children to take action and be positive change agents in their community in order to advance the glory and knowledge of the kingdom of God.

Development: Camp LEAD encourages each child to develop the eight principles of a healthy lifestyle: exercise, nutrition, time in nature, community service, relationships, recreation, relaxation/stress management, and religious principles. Camp Lead exposes the children to the attributes of well-balanced life.


New Experiences

Campers experience a range of activities during the summer such as a field trip to the zoo, attending flight/aviation camp for a week, a cave visit, Shakalaka, Botanical Garden, fishing, hiking, dining at a formal restaurant, movies, skiing, tubing, and ZUP boarding, and much more. In addition, each child is given daily swim lessons where many learn to swim for the first time. The campers also spend a week at an overnight camp, which is a huge hit.

Camp helped me grow spiritually starting with orientation week with Mr. Mark’s testimony, worship, and “Dinner with Skeptics.” It is helping me be ready to evangelize to people even if I don’t know a lot.


100% of campers recited chronological order of events from the New Testament.


100% if campers were able to swim in the deep end by the end of the summer.


Reported spiritual and emotional growth from the summer’s discipleship.


Campers experienced aviation education, cave tours, water park, aquarium, hiking, formal day, spend the night camp, etc.

Public Schools

Serving Public Schools in the Lincoln Community

The involvement of Lincoln Village Ministry began in the fall of 2014 at Lee and New Century High School and in 2016 in Chapman Middle School. Our goal is to continue to reach Lincoln Academy students once they are in public school and to develop new relationships with those who are in need.

We have been welcomed warmly by the administration and staff. Some services include meeting with students individually to offer counseling and encouragement, being a leader during weekly small group mentoring time, eating lunch with students daily in order to develop relationships with them, holding a monthly large group gathering after school hours for fun, food and sharing by an inspirational speaker, serving as MC for pep rallies, attending ball games, coordinating food for teacher work days, and recruiting tutors for students. A food and clothing pantry has been established to serve both schools. Food is graciously provided by the Food Bank of North Alabama and clothing is provided by generous individual donors.

FREE Scholarships

TAX CREDIT – Donate up to 50% off your state income tax to Lincoln Academy. In other words, you can provide a scholarship at NO cost to you!


Give Hope, Donate Now

Thank you for helping us advance God’s kingdom here in Lincoln Village!