Purpose: To love children in the name of Christ and train their hearts and minds so they are prepared to serve the Lord and glorify Him with their lives.

The Little Linc began in the fall of 2014 and seeks to improve the educational outcomes of the children of Lincoln Village, as well as those in surrounding areas. LVM has invested years in building up this community and its residents. There are many programs in place to benefit the families and help the children become successful, responsible citizens. The preschool is a complementary program, extending the focus on academic excellence and Biblical teaching with a younger group of children.

Each year, God has brought tremendous growth to this program. Currently, there are two classrooms where three and four-year- old students attend school five days a week.  The newest addition is the after-school program where the fun and learning continues into the late afternoon.

It is a joy and privilege to provide young learners with a safe and Christ-centered environment.  Through engaging lessons, songs, play, and Montessori-inspired tray work, the children gain valuable knowledge and experience that will provide a foundation for their future years in school.  Little Linc Preschool works with highly motivated parents and caregivers who desire to be the best advocates they can be for their child!

LVM greatly enjoys engaging with families at an earlier point and helping to connect them with the many resources available. Research shows that the benefits of attending a high quality early education program extend to graduation and into adulthood. The impact of an excellent preschool experience is even more profound when considering children from low-income families.