Lincoln Village Ministry Frequently Asked Questions

I thought you were just a School. What else do you do? The mission of LVM is to share the transforming power of the Gospel of Christ and to serve through educating, sheltering, comforting, and equipping the Lincoln Community for Christ and His glory. Educating children includes the Little Linc, Lincoln Academy (LA), Lincoln Launch, the Learning Lab, and Camp LEAD. In addition, LVM has restored over 20 houses with 50 residents to provide living in an affordable and safe neighborhood. The Field Staff disciples neighborhood residents and families of students. A staff member is dedicated solely to outreach at New Century, Lee High School, and Chapman Middle School. A partnership with HEALS provides dental and optometry care to the children of Lincoln on campus. Financial/budget planning and counseling services are provided. Learn more:


Where are you located? What area is considered the Lincoln Community? LVM is located in the historic Lincoln Elementary School at 1110 Meridian Street. The Lincoln Community is approximately a 2-mile radius within the borders of Pratt Avenue, Washington Ave, Max Luther Drive, and Cottage Street.


I am interested in making a donation. How are you funded? LVM is a 501(c)3 organization and relies on donations from individuals, churches, businesses, and granting organizations. SGO funds provide the main source of revenue for LA students. Please contact to find out more about becoming a donor.


How do I learn more about LVM and get involved? The third Wednesday of each month LVM Founder Mark Stearns shares a powerful testimony about how LVM began. Afterwards, volunteer opportunities are discussed. Please bring a group and come! If you are unable to come, Mark would be glad to come visit your group!


Have you started this type of work in other areas of the city? When LVM was formed, a 20-year commitment was made to this community. LVM staff often educate other organizations – both local and around the country – on implementing this type of holistic approach so that other areas are transformed by the gospel of Christ.


How many staff members does LVM have? LVM has 37 staff members, some paid and others who volunteer.




How are students accepted to LA, and when can my child apply? Potential students must qualify financially according to guidelines determined by the SGO, then must complete an application and interview process. Applications for next school year will be available January/February 2017. Income limit requirements:

Number in household Income Limit
2 $29,470
3 $37,166
4 $44,862
5 $52,558
6 $60,254
7 $67,950
8 $75,646


Where do LA graduates go to high school? The Lincoln Launch program works with LA 8th graders to make them aware of the different opportunities for both public and private schools. Parents of graduates can apply for scholarships through an SGO to help with tuition costs at local participating private schools. Eight graduates are attending local public schools, and nine are attending local private Christian high schools.


Do students receive scholarships and/or sponsorships to attend LA? Currently, over 90% of LA students receive a scholarship through an SGO, which covers 70% of the costs for the student to attend LA. The remainder of the costs are funded through donations to LVM.


What grades are included in the Little Linc and LA? The Little Linc is a preschool program for three and four-year-old’s, with 25 students enrolled. LA is a K-8th grade school with 81 students enrolled.
What is an SGO, and does it really make a difference? Yes! SGO funds provide substantial funding for LA students and we depend greatly on their financial assistance. The Alabama Accountability Act provides scholarships for students who are zoned for failing public schools to attend qualified private schools. Taxpayers receive a TAX CREDIT while designating half of their state income tax liability to an SGO, or Scholarship Granting Organization. LA is affiliated with the SGO Scholarship for Kids in Birmingham and RocketSGO in Huntsville. Your gift is a tax credit, not a deduction. In other words, you can provide a scholarship at NO cost to you! For more information, please visit


What is the Learning Lab? How is it different from the LINC? The Learning Lab is LA’s after school enrichment program which provides tutor/homework time and enrichment activities. The LINC, a sister organization, operates an after school program at the Village Church and also provides after-school care to the Lincoln Community.


I have a preschool-aged child, but need full-day care. Is that available? Yes. The Little Linc offers after-school care on Monday – Thursday for three- and four-year-old children.



Who lives in your neighborhood?  How do I apply? The Village Neighborhood consists of parents who are looking for safe, affordable housing for their families. These working individuals or full-time students have often faced obstacles but are striving to meet their own personal goals including education, financial stability, or spiritual growth. Applications for residency are available in the LVM office.


Do neighborhood residents pay rent? Rent ranges from $300-$375/month, depending on the size of the home.


How much does it cost to purchase and renovate a house? Typically, it costs $40,000 to purchase a house in Lincoln Village. The average amount for a complete home renovation is $50,000.

Comfort & Equip


What items does LVM need? Basic school supplies, hand sanitizer, Kleenex, and small water bottles are always needed. The LA Library has an Amazon wish list (search Lincoln Academy Library), and the Ministry has a wish list: We also post urgent requests for needed items on the LVM Facebook page, so please make sure you follow us!


What is The Village Church, and is it affiliated with LVM? The Village Church was started by LVM, and Founder Mark Stearns served as pastor for one year. It is now a sister organization to LVM with a dedicated staff, a thriving congregation, and serves as a vital addition to The Village Neighborhood.


what is the Evolve Program, and how do I apply? The Evolve program is a Christian-based individualized development program that assists Lincoln residents in obtaining the resources needed to achieve financial independence and work towards being free of government assistance within four years of enrollment. The first year of residency, a positive working relationship is established between the resident and a Field Staff Neighborhood Coordinator. Any roadblocks to success in the program are identified and addressed, and tools are provided to overcome these issues. The second year of residency, the Evolve Program develops a financially healthy lifestyle which includes debt reduction, credit repair, and developing a savings plan. Personal goals are set and monitored for success. The third year of residency a plan is identified and worked towards for moving past the transitional housing of The Village Neighborhood. This plan can include working with LVM partners, such as Habitat for Humanity, in order to prepare for homeownership. The fourth year of residency, the Evolve Program works to move the resident into the final phase of completing personal goals. A savings account should be fully funded, financial independence should be fully established, and the resident should be finalizing plans to move out of The Village Neighborhood.