Lincoln LaunchLincoln Launch Program (LLP)

“Whatever you do, whether in speech or action, do it as a representative of the Lord Jesus and do it with all your heart, as if you were working for the Lord and not humans.” (Inspired by Colossians 3:17, 23)

The Lincoln Launch Program helps Lincoln Academy (LA) students transition from 8th grade to high school and high school to life after high school. This is achieved through requiring that all LA 8th graders go through high school training and prep classes (Lincoln Launch [LL8]) during school hours and having LA grads reapply to be part of the LLP. As stated, all LA 8th graders are required to attend Lincoln Launch (LL). However, graduates are not required to be a part of the LLP because they are no longer under the authority of LA. All LA graduates that want to be a part of the LLP are required to apply and maintain certain expectations.

Lincoln Launch for 8th Graders (LL8)- all 8th graders will participate in LL during their designated school hours. The LL will cover pertinent information that will give them confidence to succeed in the high school they attend the following year. Below is the suggested curriculum used to prepare the 8th graders for high school:

  • Introduction
    1. Ask about their high school preconceptions
    2. Talk about real and false expectations
  • How to Choose a High School
    1. Discuss all private and public high school options the students have
    2. Review each high school admissions process and cost
    3. Attend Huntsville City Schools’ high school registration workshop
    4. Preparing for high school during the summer
      1. Buying supplies
      2. Summer reading
  • Interpersonal and Communication Skills
    1. Meeting new people
    2. Learning how to ask for help
    3. Self advocacy
    4. Problem solving
    5. conflict resolution
  • Learning about senior high
    1. Credits, core course, electives, grade point average, transcripts, and graduation requirements
    2. School policies, testing, school schedule and freshman grades importance
  • Getting organized
    1. Self-assessment
    2. Individual plan
    3. Planner and time management tips
  • Study skills
    1. Note taking, reading a textbook, study plan
    2. Academic habits, completing assignments, etc
  • Getting involved
    1. Discuss different types of extra-curricular activities available
    2. Grades required to participate
    3. Importance of being involved
  • Keeping a “Brag Sheet”
    1. Suggest volunteer opportunities
    2. Show how to build a resume
    3. Required community service for LLP
    4. Practice interview

Lincoln Launch for LA Grads (LLHigh)- all LA graduates will be assessed throughout their high school career. This will allow the LLP to systematically analyze the growth and development of the graduate’s spiritual, mental, physical, and academic life. Students will have to maintain academic and behavioral requirements in order to remain in the LLP after being accepted. Below are a few actions that take place when a child is in LLP:

  • Apply for the LLP
  • Be assigned a mentor
  • Participate in monthly meetings with mentor and Lincoln Launch Coordinator (LLC)
  • Turn in copies of all progress and report cards along with community services records.
  • Notify LLC and mentor of all disciplinary actions received within 3 days of the actions.
  • Maintain required academic and disciplinary standings.