lincoln ambassadors

Lincoln Village Ministry is incredibly thankful for the Lincoln Ambassadors. This group is made up of unique individuals and couples from all walks of life, varying professions, different social circles, and different churches for one common goal – to share with the Madison County community the amazing way the Lord is at work in Lincoln Village.

Lincoln Ambassadors

Chair: Melissa Tepool
Co-Chair: Chris Bragg

  1. Austin and Ann Ever Ainsworth
  2. Julian and Amy Billings
  3. Greg and Georgi Bragg
  4. Jeff and Dianne Brown
  5. Tommy and Jeanne Brown
  6. Michael and Kelly Butler
  7. Scott and Cheri Butler
  8. Jay and Valerie Chandler
  9. Wes and Frances Clayton
  10. Nathan and Melanie Cox
  11. Meggan Crunkleton
  12. Deke and Danielle Damson
  13. Chad and Betsy Emerson
  14. Claudia Fahrner
  15. Emerson and Mary Alice Fann
  16. Margaret Gleason
  17. Pam Harnden
  18. Rob and Laura Hash
  19. Todd and Monica Hayes
  20. Alex and Janice Johnson
  21. Scott and Carrie Johnson
  22. Robert and Ruth Key
  23. Eric and Jamie Knytych
  24. Bryan and Ann Laue
  25. Mark and Aimee League
  26. Gail LeCroy
  27. Sophie Mantooth
  28. Ben and Suzanne Matthews
  29. John and Sandy May
  30. Bill and Ashley Mitchell
  31. Blake and Irene Mitchell
  32. Mike and May Patterson
  33. Skeets and Beth Simonis
  34. Fred and Amy Stucky
  35. Katie Taylor
  36. Mark and Kathy Troyanek
  37. Scott and Anne Tucker