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Lincoln Academy September ’21

Lincoln Academy

This year will be a busy one at Lincoln Academy!  Earlier this month, we began the year-long process of working on our school accreditation.  We were initially granted accreditation with AdvancEd in the summer of 2017.  Every five years, a team evaluates all of the data that is presented and gives feedback regarding strengths and areas for growth.  We are looking forward to sharing with the evaluators the effective strategies that we have implemented over the last several years.  

We are also preparing for a slight change in our yearly standardized testing program.  Lincoln Academy has utilized the ACT Aspire test for the last seven years, however, that is no longer an option.  Therefore, we will be making the switch to the Alabama Comprehensive Assessment Program (ACAP) test, which was recently adopted by the state of Alabama.  This will involve having the students complete the test on a laptop, which will be quite a change for us.  We have added Lenovo laptops to our Amazon wishlist, as we will need these for testing purposes. 

Our science classes have been busy. The eighth graders made slime as part of their study of chemical changes! Our first graders had a Science unit on engineering. The students had to build a structure using an exact number of cups. All cups had to touch at least 1 other cup, and the final structure had to be at least 3 cups tall. What fun ways to learn!

We are still searching for a librarian/media specialist.  If you are a certified teacher and/or media specialist and you are interested in working with us, please contact our principal

Lincoln North

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The Neighborhood

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For The Love Of Christ Compels Us

2 Corinthians 15:14


Our mission is to share Christ with the Lincoln community.

Local Mission.

By supporting Lincoln, you’re making a difference in your own community.


Transforming the whole family’s health and well-being by caring for each individual need.

Good Stewards.

Every penny impacts the kingdom work. We purchase our properties outright.

Lincoln Village Ministry | Huntsville AL

Just a few miles from the most expensive houses in the inner city of Huntsville were men, women, and children surviving without the basic necessities. No running water or electricity. Plumbing didn’t work and floors were rotted from leaking pipes. Children had broken toys and went to bed hungry. A man with a heart for this inner city neighborhood stepped into the home of a little girl and her mother. That visit opened the man’s eyes and eventually a community’s eyes to the great need in their midst: the  need for Christ.

Lincoln Village Ministries is the product of one man’s call to action. The call has spread all over the city of Huntsville to pour out the hope and love of Jesus Christ into the Lincoln community.

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