Lincoln Village Ministry is blessed to partner with area medical and mental health professionals to provide families in the Lincoln Community with needed care.

Lincoln Village Ministry is blessed to have collaborated with HEALS, Inc. to establish a clinic on Lincoln Academy’s campus to provide children at Lincoln Academy, the Little Linc, and in the community with much needed dental and optometry care.

The HEALS mission is to keep children healthy and optimize their opportunities for success in school and society. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit located in Title I schools in Madison County, HEALS is uniquely situated to provide medical, dental, and optometry care to the students that need it most. The dental clinics are open year-round and are staffed by a dentist 2-4 days per week, dental hygienists, dental assistant, and dental clinic coordinator. The optometry clinic sees patients one day per week.

HEALS provides excellent care to patients, serving as a consistent, trusted home base for information, care, and treatment – a “medical home.”  A medical home provides consistent care of the patient, and team members are able to fully assess a child’s needs and work towards solving them. The medical teams spend time with each patient and his/her family, building trust and developing a cooperative relationship.

Dental Care includes:

Comprehensive exam and cleaning every six months

Fluoride and sealants

One-on-one education on dental hygiene and “teeth healthy” snacks

Dental hygiene kits including a full sized toothpaste, a couple of toothbrushes, and a full sized dental floss

Needed restorative work – fillings (amalgam and composite), pulpotomies (child nerve treatments), extractions, spaces, lingual arches, and crowns

Orthodontic evaluations


Optometry Care includes:

Full eye exam, testing for acuity and ocular pressure

Visual field test

Check for eye disease including pink eye and corneal abrasions

Referral to outside specialist as needed

Prescription for glasses, if needed