The Evolve Program


Evolve is a Christian based support system where we love one another through accountability and relationship development. Every person in neighborhood has personal goals but due to various life difficulties, some goals been difficult to reach. We work together to develop a successful and joyful future.

Participating in Evolve

When you participate in Evolve, Lincoln Village comes alongside you to help remove stumbling blocks that have prevented you from seeing success. We also use our ministry contacts to access resources that will help you receive medical health, job training, etc. We also work together to develop a plan that will provide you and your family financial security. However, the main purpose of developing our relationship is to help encourage you to realize your God given talents. God has made each of us amazing but sometimes we need to be reminded when we hit those hard bumps in life. As you begin living in The Village Neighborhood, you’ll realize that we are like a close family where we protect and care for each other so that we can have a safe, affordable, and caring place to raise our kids. The best way to describe our neighborhood environment is found in a Bible scripture that says . . .

“God himself is teaching you to love each other, and you are already extending your love. Yet we urge you to have more and more of this love. Be busy with your own affairs and do your work yourselves. The result will be a reputation for honesty in the world outside and an honourable independence.” (1 Thes 4:9-12)

Evolve is different because the all of the plans, goals, and success is created around your personal goals. There are three phases that describe Evolve…

Phase One

Lincoln Village develops relationships to help encourage each person to recognize their God given talents and purpose for their life.

How is this done?

We meet together, we get to know each other, and we develop a relationship so that Lincoln Village can become your accountability partner. Often times, during this first year, you might see that childhood wounds or personal loss has put obstacles in the way of reaching your goals. We have developed relationships with counselors and mental health professionals who will meet with you to work on overcoming these issues. These one-on-one meetings help develop a positive, mentally healthy plan to move forward.

There are several things we work on during this first phase in our accountability relationship. Together we create a livable monthly budget, we set up a regular habit of paying bills on time, we learn what bills have affected your credit score and we work on making your credit score higher. Together we develop a plan to which allows you to decrease stress. Through this phase, many residents say they like to learn more about the Bible but they may not have not felt comfortable asking questions. A Bible study is not required to be in Evolve but many residents have enjoyed these conversations.

Phase Two

Evolve wants to create an opportunity for personal growth and a place to learn skills needed to develop a healthy and well-rounded lifestyle.

How is this done?

During this second phase of accountability, we work on skills that help us live a healthy lifestyle. Often times the plan may include reducing debt, credit repair, and develop a plan for savings. Since we’ve already identified your personal goals, we work on making these dreams a reality. As one of our residents said “It gives another way of living where you go from mindset of just getting by to a mindset of working towards something- a real goal.” This might look like completing school, learning a new skill, working on having healthier finances, creating healthier relationships, etc. Of course, having an accountability partner means that when things get hard, you’ll have someone encouraging you to keep going. This is how we live out what the Bible says which is “…encourage one another and build each other up…” (1 Thes 5:11)

Phase Three

Evolve wants each resident to celebrate completing personal goals, be living a financially responsible lifestyle, and know God’s plan for their life.

How is this done?

During the third phase of accountability, we work towards a plan for moving out of The Village Neighborhood. This plan can include you working with our partner resources, such as Habitat for Humanity, in order to prepare for homeownership. We also continue to live a financially healthy lifestyle including having a self sustaining job, growing your savings fund, and eliminating outstanding debt. God will have been teaching you through these phases more about yourself, your talents, and the plan he has for you. We want to work together for you to be fully living this out.

Applying for Evolve

Minimum Application Requirements

Household Requirements

  • Adult(s) living in the home must be either a single parent or legally married

  • Adult(s) must have full custody of children and preferably with at least one child under the age of 13 living in the home

  • Must be a US Citizen

Financial Requirements

  • Be able to pay for the first month’s rent upfront

  • Meet the below earned taxable income guidelines

  • Adult(s) must be employed for a minimum of six months

  • Adult(s) must work and/or go to school 30(+) hours per week. Residents must maintain full time employment/continuing education for the duration of the program

  • Adult(s) must maintain the minimum household income for the duration of the program

  • Adult(s) must maintain an updated budget and participate in financial accountability

Personal Requirements

  • Must remain drug free and be able to pass a drug test

  • Committed to making a life change by participating in an accountablity relationship

Documents Required

  • Copy of four (4) recent paycheck stubs

  • Copy of previous year’s 1040 or W-2 transcript (Tax Document)

  • Copy of marriage license or legal marriage certificate (If applicable)

Income Guidelines

  1. Evolve only considers taxable income that comes from a 30(+) hour a week job.

  2. Every adult must work/attend school 30(+) hours per week.

  3. If more than one adult lives in the home add $940 to the below minimum income requirements.

  4. The maximum income levels are estimates. Maximum income will be reviewed based on the number of adults and age of children in the home.

  5. To stay in Evolve, the resident must meet the below minimum income level while living in The Village Neighborhood.

Household Size

Before Taxes

Minimum Income

Monthly (Yearly)

Before Taxes

Maximum Income

Monthly (Yearly)

After Taxes

Minimum Income

Monthly (Yearly)

After Taxes

Maximum Income

Monthly (Yearly)

1 Adult | 1 Child

$1,396 ($16,750)

$2,470 ($29,637)

$1,200 ($14,400)

$2,035 ($24,420)

1 Adult | 2 Children

$1,455 ($17,460)

$3,108 ($37,296)

$1,370 ($16,440)

$2,575 ($30,900)

1 Adult | 3 Children

$1,519 ($18,225)

$3,746 ($44,955)

$1,408 ($16,896)

$3,002 ($36,024)

1 Adult | 4 Children

$1,778 ($21,330)

$4,385 ($52,614)

$1,597 ($19,164)

$3,444 ($41,328)

1 Adult | 5 Children

$2,036 ($24,435)

$5,023 ($60,273)

$1,782 ($21,384)

$3,853 ($46,236)

Application Procedures

  1. Complete the Evolve Application below.

  2. Once we receive the application and you meet the minimum requirements, we will send you a Personal Questionnaire. All adult(s) need to fill out the Personal Questionnaires and turn them back in.

  3. If the application and the questionnaire meet the Evolve requirements, you will be asked to set up a personal  meeting.

Not all who apply will be accepted into Evolve due to housing limitations, availability, and the ability to participate in Evolve. We will not be able to process the application if only portions of the paperwork are turned in. Once we receive your application, you will receive a letter from Lincoln Village to confirm we received it and we will call you with any further questions.

Rental Price

Rental Placement and Cost

The Evolve and Rental Contract must be signed every year. We determine the size and location of the rental unit that is offered based on your family size, changes in the family (for example, a child leaves for college) and ages of the children. The size of your rental unit will be reevaluated each year, the renewed lease agreement may require moving to another rental unit. The rental units range from 950 sq ft – 1550 sq feet. 2-bedroom mulit-unit: $300, 3-bedroom multi-unit: $325, 2-bedroom detached: $350, 3-bedroom detached: $375

Continuing Education

Evolve wants to see residents have long-term life changes. One of the greatest ways to accomplish this goal is through completing continuing education. To support families who are working on their college or trade school education, we will provide a credit towards the rental fees depending on the hours enrolled in school. Proof of education enrollment is required.

  • 6 – 9 Class Hours: $50 credit per month

  • 9 – 12 Class Hours: $75 credit per month

  • 12 – Over Class Hours: $100 credit per month

Evolve Application