a holistic approach for continued improvement

When we first started working in the schools, they were at 27% proficiency on the SAT 9. Our goal was to meet the needs of each individual child so we developed a holistic approach. Lincoln Village Ministry provided mentors for the students, healthcare and counseling, food and clothing, and teaching resources for the school. These techniques developed while working in Lincoln Elementary have been proven successful. Over the years, the SAT percentile increased by 50 points in many areas. By 2009-2010 most grades were consistently scoring over 90% on the Alabama Reading and Math Test. Fourth grade even had a perfect score in math in 2004-2005!

In 2006-2007 Lincoln Elementary won the Torchbearer Award for their high test scores and was a finalist for the Panasonic National School Change Award in 2009. Lincoln Elementary was one of six schools in the nation to win the Prestigious Panasonic National School Change Award in 2010 for the significant and sustained change in the school’s environment and test scores.


lincoln academy

In 2010, Lincoln Elementary consolidated with Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary School. Lincoln Village Ministry has the privilege to work with Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary, Chapman Middle School, Lee High School and Lincoln Academy.

Lincoln Academy serves students in grades K through 8 and provides an affordable Christ centered education to Title 1 students.  The academy is committed to strong academics and Christian character building to better prepare students for high school and college.

Tuition for Lincoln Academy is $6500 for elementary and $8500 for middle school. Our students receive scholarships to cover tuition based on income. The scholarships are granted from “Scholarships for Kids” which is a state scholarship granting organization and “RocketSGO”. In addition to the scholarship, parents part of tuition is $50.00 per family per month.  Find more about Lincoln Academy enrollment and scholarships.

The academy has added the Little Linc preschool and also partners with The Linc to provide an after school enrichment program for all students.