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How do you donate at NO COST to you?  It’s easy!

How It Works

The Alabama Accountability Act (AAA) allows a portion of your tax liability to provide tuition assistance to students who demonstrate a financial need. You’re not just giving a scholarship, you’re getting a tax credit. By redirecting a portion of your tax liability using a Scholarship Granting Organization (SGO), you reduce the total amount of your tax bill by 50%. You have an opportunity to give a child access to an education they could not otherwise receive at no cost to you.

Individuals can redirect up to 50% of their Alabama state tax liability. The annual maximum tax credit available on an individual tax return is $50,000.

Corporate contributors can redirect up to 50% of their TOTAL tax liability. There is no maximum limit for the tax credit.

Lincoln Academy receives scholarships from both Scholarship for Kids and RocketSGO.

Education 1

Step One

Estimate Your Donation

Taxpayers estimate their Alabama income tax liability. If you overestimate and your donation exceeds your liability, you may carry your credits forward up to 3 years.


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Step Two

Register Your Tax Credits

  1. Go to myalabamataxes.alabama.gov (MAT)
  2. Set up a MAT account, or sign in.
  3. Click on “Report a donation to an SGO.”
  4. Choose either Scholarship for Kids or RocketSGO.
  5. Enter your donation amount. (Up to 50% of your tax liability.)
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Step Three

Make Your Donation

Mail your check to your selected Scholarship Granting Organization (see address below). When it is time to file your taxes, you will have an Alabama State Tax Credit in the amount of your donation. Simple!

Did You Know?

$30 million in tax credits are available to companies and individuals who donate up to 50% of their Alabama income tax liability. Individuals, C corporations, S corporations, partnerships, and LLCs can donate.

Donated funds provide educational scholarships to qualifying students of Lincoln Academy, most of whom would otherwise attend a failing school.

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