Professional Services

Lincoln Village Ministry collaborates with various community professionals, businesses, and nonprofit agencies to provide resources to families in the Lincoln Village community. Our desire is for Lincoln families to have adequate access to resources regardless of financial limitations. Resources range from general health care, dental services, physical therapy, psychiatric services, financial education, credit repair, legal guidance, personal development, educational support, home ownership, private scholarships, childcare connections, food assistance, etc. The ministry seeks additional professional partnerships in order to serve the needs within Lincoln community.



In an effort to meet the needs of The Village Neighborhood, we offer access to individualized and intensive counseling services. Lincoln Village Ministry has established a network of counselors and mental health professionals that come alongside residents to offer effective strategies for overcoming barriers and reaching personal goals. We also partner with the Nova Center for Youth and Families to provide a mental health professional within our school. The Nova counselor works collaboratively with the school and ministry staff to offer counseling services to the children in our community.