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Apply for Housing March ’21

Lincoln Village Ministry’s Evolve Program is a Christian based support system designed to improve the well-being of children and support low-income parents in their efforts to create a safe, supportive, and nurturing environment. Evolve assesses individual needs, determines appropriate resources, develops and implements a strategy for action, and establishes accountability and relationship development. Each parent has personal goals, but due to various life difficulties, some families have experienced setbacks. We work together to develop a plan of action to reach positive family outcomes. CLICK HERE to apply online and for further details about income, employment, and program requirements.

Work Days March ’21

Last Thursday, we were blessed to host a group from Lakeshore Church in Dallas who are in town working with the Huntsville Dream Center. Extra hands accomplish much and it’s very encouraging for our faithful Old Guys to see others being involved.

On Saturday, we had a chilly start but a beautiful work day at Lincoln. 35-40 people showed up from multiple churches to join in the fun. Our tasks included demolition & clean up, exterior painting, installing house wrap, clearing & securing some rotten porches to provide safe work sites and prepping a house to have cabinets & vanities installed on Monday! Also some of the kids painted scripture rocks at the school.
All of this by 11:15 – then, COTH set up a monster grill in front of the school and provided lunch for volunteers, residents and people who just showed up. We had one sweet older lady from the community who joined us. A volunteer was able to share the love of Christ with this woman & pray with her. Thankful tears were shed.
May He receive the glory & our praise for being able to be a part of His work.
Come join us any Saturday & watch how the Lord shows up!

Relay for Lincoln March ’21

On May 6th, students across Lincoln Academy will participate in Relay for Lincoln, a school-wide relay race in an effort to raise money for the school they love. They are hard at work training and preparing for the big day! Watch them here:
https://www.facebook.com/lincolnvillage/videos/4034158133284726 Since COVID makes this event closed to the public, you can help our students reach their goals by donating to the grade of your choice on our website: https://lincolnvillageministry.com/donate/relay/ Thanks in advance!

Little Linc March ’21

At Little Linc Preschool, we have been grieving with one of our precious teachers, Jennifer Warren, as her husband of 40 years passed away last weekend. Rick Warren loved Jesus and his family was able to celebrate his life and legacy at his funeral service last week. Rick never visited the preschool in person, but it’s amazing to see how his life and love for the Lord has been impacting our preschool teachers, students, and their families. Our teachers have had the privilege of being part of the body of Christ to comfort our sister. Our preschool families were all praying for Rick as his health declined, and now they are praying for Mrs. Warren as she chooses to rest in the goodness of the Lord.