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Beautiful Things Brunch

Ladies, Lincoln Village Ministry invites you to our annual spring brunch, Beautiful Things. Mark your calendars for May 5th!

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May 5 | Brunch

3rd Thursday of Every Month | 12:00 – 1:15 PM

Volunteer Orientation

Have you heard of Lincoln Village Ministry but aren’t sure what it is all about? On the 3rd Wednesday of every month at noon, Mark Stearns tells the story of Lincoln Village Ministry & what God is doing in the neighborhood. We will also share ways for you to get involved. No registration required.

1110 Meridian Street | Conference Room

You’re Impacting Lives

See how your support is making an impact in the Lincoln Village Community.

Annual Report

Meet LaDamiyan

Lincoln Academy

“Who wants you here?”

“You do, Mr Mark.”

Meet Lisandra


“I’ve had to give myself up and just trust.”

Meet Our Kids

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“People love each other as Christ loved others.”

What Makes Lincoln Special? 


Our mission is to share Christ with the Lincoln community.

Local Mission.

By supporting Lincoln, you’re making a difference in your own community.


Transforming the whole family’s health and well-being by caring for each individual need.


Impacting lives one at a time in order to make changes in this generation and generations to come.

                     For The Love Of Christ Compels Us

How can I provide a FREE scholarship for a Lincoln Academy student?

Donate up to 50% off your state income tax to Lincoln Academy through the Alabama Accountability Act

How are my donations used?

Learn how your money is spent in the Lincoln community

How can I get involved?

We’d love to have you become a volunteer, mentor a child, and support our efforts. Come join us!

Just a few miles from the most expensive houses in the inner city of Huntsville AL were men, women, and children surviving without the basic necessities. No running water or electricity. Plumbing didn’t work and floors were rotted from leaking pipes. Children had broken toys and went to bed hungry. A man with a heart for this inner-city neighborhood stepped into the home of a little girl and her mother. That visit opened the man’s eyes and eventually a community’s eyes to the great need in their midst: the need for Christ.

Lincoln Village is the product of one man’s call to action. The call has spread all over the city of Huntsville to pour out the hope and love of Jesus Christ into the Lincoln community.

Christian Community Development is NOT about creating self-sufficiency, training programs, or crisis alleviation. These things may be part of the outcome of Christian Community Development strategies but, by themselves, they are not the change agent. This change agent is a relationship with Christ.

Lincoln Village Ministry uses education, credit repair, childcare, housing, etc. as avenues to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. We want those who have been beaten down by life’s circumstances to know there is a God who made them with talents, gifts and abilities that they can use to glorify their father in heaven.

The mission of Lincoln Village Ministry is to share the transforming power of the gospel of Christ and to serve through educating, sheltering, comforting, and equipping the Lincoln community for Christ’s glory.

Lincoln Village Ministry desires to see the body of Christ fully engaged in the process of transformation within our community, which occurs by sharing the transforming power of the gospel of Christ. We also serve the needs of the low-income and under-resourced and work towards Christian Community Development through a holistic approach of helping families in all areas of life: affordable housing, education, life skills, and low-income childcare.

We would love for you to visit Lincon Village and see how you can share the love of Christ with others.

78 || Lincoln Village Ministry: Giving the Gift of Hope

In the spring of 2010, Huntsville, Alabama's local newspaper ran articles about the school board's decision to close Lincoln Elementary School in the city's Lincoln Mill neighborhood. Touted as a stellar example of what strong teachers, parent involvement, community support and volunteerism could accomplish in a place where poverty was the rule rather than the exception,...